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News: Shakor's murals of the: African History, Buffalo Soldiers, and Slave Exchange Auctions have recently been featured and placed in in the: African-American Heritage Museum and Black Veterans Archives. Shakor's intricate work and murals are receiving local, national and international acclaim.

SHAKOR ( B. Cameron White 's ) career as a visual artist spans more than thirty years. He is a brilliant painter and sculptor whose work fuses non-objective abstract and objective realism. While he draws technical inspiration from the paintings and sculptures of Michelangelo, Titan, Rodin, Frazetta, and Valejo; SHAKOR's spiritual inspiration and artistic vision is extracted from the culture, religions and traditions of New Orleans. From this unique perspective, SHAKOR creates vibrant and robustly textured images which dance,
sing, and emote a sense of culture, rhythm, and life.

A native of New York, SHAKOR attended the High School of Art and Design where he solidified a firm foundation in professional art techniques and commercial design. This training earned him college scholarships from Boston University, Rhode Island School of Design, and his alma mater the Cooper Union.

At age nineteen, while attending the Cooper Union, SHAKOR began his professional career as a graphic design artist and cartoonist with The Big Apple After Five Weekly Newspaper. In 1984 SHAKOR relocated to Los Angeles to pursue a position as graphic design artist and
cartoonist with the Los Angeles Sentinel Newspaper, where he was ultimately promoted to production manager.

By 1990 SHAKOR began to crave opportunities to exercise his gifts without reservation.
Enthralled with anticipation, SHAKOR relocated once more -- to New Orleans. He focused
his mental and artistic energies on the cultural and artistic vitality that New Orleans exudes. SHAKOR focused his creative energy and vision on the challenge of attaining true artistic freedom and recognition as a premiere visual artist.

During the past sixteen years SHAKOR has done just that -- achieving status as a much sought-after portrait artist and muralist in the city of New Orleans and across the nation. Testaments to his accomplishments are represented in the form of numerous
commissioned portraits, commercial art renderings, national gallery exhibitions, and more than ten city-funded public art murals.

SHAKOR's motto is "there is a time and a place for everything done under the sun," fore he recognizes that from seed (inspiration and conception) to harvest (manifestation of the tangible image), every step in the creative process is invaluable to each rendering's ultimate and successful outcome.

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The Artist Shakor - (B. Cameron White)
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